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Greenville Open Studios 2021

My home studio is open:

Saturday November 13th 10am - 6pm

Sunday November 14th noon - 6pm 

I require a mask to enter- trying to keep everyone safe.

If you would like a private appointment email:

OS 2021 wall shot 2.jpg

Info blurbs on the walls answering some often asked questions...

Behind the Price Mourning Dress.jpg
Behind the Prices page.jpg
Mourning Dress Orchard.jpg
Mourning Dress Cherry Tree.jpg
Afternoon Tuft Choreography.jpg
Bluebird Mountain Gift.jpg
Pumpkin Oriole.jpg
See my process & finished pieces on display. 
Greeting cards, and little paintings make great gifts!
Autumn Apple Canopy.jpg
Ballast (Poppy, Wahoo, Forget-me-nots).jpg
Hello Barred Owl sideview.jpg
Joy Fruit Front Card 1.jpg
If you can't make it to my Open Studio, but are interested in purchasing art, check out my special online shop.
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