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Lots of birds, small paintings, thinking of beauty

(even "backyard birds" are beautiful!)  

Is our nature to see ourselves as part of nature or apart from nature?


Many scientists theorize we have entered the Anthropocene, 

a new geological epoch defined by human actions being a 

dominant influence on earth’s climate and environment– this is the sixth extinction in the history of the Earth– going on right now.


It is in my nature to care deeply about this situation and to keep the bleakness from rendering me completely despondent I paint.    


These paintings are an exaltation of nature, perhaps it is my perpetual muse.  In the process I attempt to recognize everyday interactions, such as birds, that might normally be taken forgranted in my proximate sphere.  At times my viewpoint pans out wider to acknowledge other species on far away continents.  


I offer these paintings as glorifications, amusements and rememberances of the beauty in nature.

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