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"Animals are not selected for this symbolic relationship merely because they are essential for the ‘savage’s’ subsistence. In fact, quite often species are selected that are not part of the specific clan or tribe’s diet. They are selected not because they are ‘good to eat,’ but because they are ‘good to think’: animals, or indeed the whole natural world, prove to contain excellent structures and frameworks for conceptual and associative thought."

~ Claude Lévi-Strauss

Looking for a Home
Goat Island I
Daisy Goat
Peach I
Peach II
Red Carpet Rhino
Red Carpet Hippo
Red Flag
Lion Monocle
Owl Monocle
Snowflake Plover
Red Scarf Rabbit
Pearl Necklace
Owl Prince V
Fox Tulip
Magnolia Painted Bunting
Spring Wisdom
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Ring
Morning Glory Bunting
Crow Corona
Cardinal Nest
Roaming Plovers
Pink Octopus Halo
Red Octopus Halo
Crown Daisy Octopus
Owl Prince III
Owl Prince II
Barn Owl Halo
Panda Red Balloon
Panda Yellow
Tulip Bear
Song Sparrow Halo
Goldfinch Garland
Blue Jay Halo
Coffee Crow
Gold Goblet Crow
White Rabbit Polka-dot
White Rabbit Red Balloon I
White Rabbit Red Balloon II
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