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Low Country Water Halos


Lisa M. Shimko winner of the 2016 Coastal Community Foundation's Griffith Reyburn Lowcountry Artist Award

These paintings are my attempt at describing and celebrating the landscapes of the Low Country without the usual language of representational painting.

Within these works are my meditations of the  aquatic world and the edges of land to the  water, constantly changing with tides, various organisms big and small and accentuating the range of colors found both up close and seen at the landscapes' distance.

The act of painting, especially with the repetition of circular forms, is also a meditative process much like the personal solace of being by the water.

These paintings are not meant to be an illustration of Low Country landscapes, but portals of my experience/feeling of the meandering waterways and the energy of the many organisms that call it home. Using vivid and varying colors found in nature but released on my canvases, re-arranged in a more abstract way, moving away from the usual landscape schemas each viewer is welcome to conjure their own stories..

Water Halos new in 2023:

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